About The Department

The Department of Chemistry started functioning from 1952 onwards. The faculty members of the Chemistry department impart sound knowledge of Chemistry to students of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering, and Computer science Engineering.  Apart from Chemistry, students are also made aware of ecology, environment, global issues etc., by teaching Environmental Science and Engineering to them. The department has Scanning Electron Microscope, UV-Visible spectrophotometer in addition to the equipments which are required for the B.E. students to do laboratory experiments. This department also generates revenue by taking SEM images of the samples from various colleges, universities and research departments. It is proposed to purchase UV-Visible double beam spectrophotometer, FTIR, EDAX, and AAS in TEQIP II funding in order to improve the research activities.  Already research scholars are making use of the laboratory and apart from this, faculty members are helping B.E. & M.E. students especially for final year students while doing the project work